Ah, Snow... That's Better

The bone-numbing cold now at least has a pretty face.  The footing was a little easier in the snow than it was on the ice while we went about the feeding chores.  Little birds and bunnies this morning had beat me to the virgin expanses and left their trails. 

For the second year in a row, we Texans get a taste of Real Winter.  Lots of folks are going a bit crackers with four days of no school and many businesses at a standstill, but really, it's just not going to last forever.  Temperatures should be above freezing by tomorrow and are expected to be above freezing all next week.  Pretty soon, all the lovely whiteness will turn to mud.

In the meantime, let's pour another cup of tea and enjoy the scenery...

Cold?  Really?

Hibernating Scarecrow

If you were a little bunny, you might be able to hop across the creek.

 Alpaca chow.  Nom nom.

Whiteness in every direction.


  1. Love you photo's! Just gorgeous.

  2. I think the snow finally killed the creepy scarecrow!

    Srsly, though, I am glad I got to go to work yesterday, otherwise I'd be going postal just about now . . . bring on the above-freezing temps!

  3. LOVE my snow-covered farm!

  4. So pretty! Frozen peace... *:)

  5. Beautiful pics Cindy, thanks for sharing!! I am looking for info on your class for learning how to do the spindle in Grapevine ( I'm hoping I can get a hold of one of the CD ones your hubby makes on the DFW Fiber Fest.) Any info would be appreciated!! I've been to the farm but don't think you will remember me, it was a short visit a couple of years ago. I'm Erika Alvarado in Facebook or e mail eri. alvarado @ gmail . com whenever you have time. Thanks !!


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