All for Love's Sake

 I have a friend I haven't seen in over twenty years.  We reconnected, like a lot of people do, on Facebook.  She and I were pretty good friends, I'd say, until time and distance and circumstances took our paths in very different directions.

In fact, we probably disagree about almost everything now--religion, politics, lifestyle... the biggies.

But she just had an awful tumor removed and is in the middle of a nasty round of chemotherapy.  She's losing all her hair, and she needs a hat.  I knit hats.  And I care about my friend.

I can love her and disagree with her about all that stuff - at the same time.  She tells me she'd like a red hat, so I'm starting to experiment with some cotton/silk yarn I have on hand.  I may try a couple of patterns to see which one will work best.  I want it to feel cozy and comfy on her head.  I want her to know I prayed for her with every stitch.  I want her to get well.

Jill and I will probably never see eye to eye on a lot of things.  But I want her to know I see her as a fellow human soul, made in the image of God, who needs to be healed of this cancer.  I intend to ask God to take away her cancer every day, especially while I knit.

I hope we're both around a long time so we can talk about the things that inspire passion in each of us.   And I hope she likes her hat.


  1. Beautifully said. Praying for Jill.

  2. I will pray with you too even though I don't even know her. I know firsthand how awful cancer is after dealing with it with both parents.

  3. That is so sweet of you. It is hard when we don't see eye to eye with friends. How can you not believe when you just take a minute to look around you and know that God made it all "just for me". Cancer seems rampid these days. I'll say a prayer for your friend too. Keep praying for her!

  4. Cindy, I am also sending out the prayers for your friend. Knowing first hand that Jill is on her "battle field"! I will pray for the soldier in her to fight & concor!!!
    God Speed, Jill!!


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