Bang! The Eggs are Back

 We're expecting the same abundance we enjoyed last year...

We've crossed a line only chickens can detect, and we're now getting over a dozen eggs a day.  I think that the older gals in the front coop finally got enough daylight to kick start their systems, which brings our daily totals up to a really promising level.

This means that it's time to release Egg Lover's Punch Cards and Chicken Sponsorships for 2011.  The normal per-dozen price for eggs is $4.  A punch card gets you ten dozen for $35, saving you $5, if you know you'll want that many over the course of the calendar year.

Chicken sponsorships make fun gifts -- they include a ready-to-frame certificate and a ten-dozen punch card.  The chicken sponsor may name his or her chicken and come visit by appointment.  A sponsorship is $50 the first year and $30 in subsequent years.  Once you've sponsored a chicken, all your subsequent punch cards are $30.  Do Good: sponsor a chicken and donate your punch card to one of our local charities!

I've lost track of the number of times our egg lovers have told me how much better our fresh eggs taste compared to store-bought eggs - even the fancy "free range" or "organic" eggs.  Kids seem to really get a charge out of coming to the farm to visit the hens, and see where their breakfast originates.

The hens look forward to your visit - just call ahead to make sure we're here to receive you.  Let me know if you need a punch card or a sponsorship, and I'll have your goodies printed up for you when you pick up your first dozen:


  1. I DEFINITELY want to sponsor a chicken again, and I may need to pick up some eggs this weekend if you've got 'em! :D

  2. I'm thinking this will be something Dawn and I will partake in.


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