Bright and Early

If you want to come help with breakfast chores, you have to be prepared to let Boaz gnaw on your fingers.  He really loves to do that, and it doesn't really hurt.  Alpacas, like other ruminants, only have teeth on the bottom, and a hard palate on the top, for pulling up grass and hay.  Gnom... gnom...  Bo is our most personable alpaca.  Wait, let me make sure they're all here .... 8, 9, 10.  OK, I'm good.

Of course, what he really wants is his breakfast - sweet feed with grain, and a side of fresh hay.

While he's busy munching, I have a chance to get a good look at the fiber he's been busy growing.  In about six weeks, that fiber will be in my hands, getting sorted and cleaned, and closer to spinning.  Can. Not. Wait.

He's such a beauty to me.

Little Micah, actually, wins the prize for the softest fiber in the pasture.  Imagine running your fingers through this stuff - like a baby bunny, it is.  Oh my.

On the other end of the softness scale is Mr. Jethro.  But his attitude has improved quite a bit since his trip to the vet.  Tomorrow he goes off to his new home with Missy, and in exchange, we'll get Phoebe, the Shetland ewe.  I'll be sure to introduce her to you as soon as she has her feet on the ground.

Solomon stood for a portrait this morning, which is kind of rare.  He can be a little fractious, for an alpaca.  And black fiber is very hard to photograph.  He was looking good this morning in the sunshine.

Everybody is munching and happy.  Peace prevails - until supper.


  1. Boaz can chew on my fingers anytime!! He is beautiful!

  2. Step right up, Brenda - he'd love a new chew toy!

  3. My fingers will volunteer to be chewed any time!

  4. How sweet! They are the most beautiful, sweet animals! xoxo

  5. Great job growing wonderful fiber, guys! Keep it grass, grow fleece, get sheared, eat more grass, grow more fleece.....


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