The Calm Before the Fun

Tomorrow is the big day, but in the meantime, life must go on.  The sun is out, the air is crisp, and all the critters want breakfast.

Except Judah, who just wants to be rubbed and patted and scritched.  It's better than a heaping plate of beef liver to him.  And Dignity is overrated.

"Just love me, dang it.  What's a boy gotta do?"

Ruthie, on the other hand, is the picture of relaxed poise.  She's also a little drowsy from working a long shift barking at all the coyotes who might just be thinking about passing by our farm, and that Will Not Do.

Safe and relatively clueless of the work it takes to protect them, the sheep enjoy their breakfast inside the new shed.  Which is working out so well I can't stand it.  Why did we wait so long to get this thing overhauled?  No matter, it's done, and in plenty of time for the puppies.  Yes...

Out of the wind, it's actually a little warm in the sunshine that streams through our rudimentary door.  Life is good for the sheepies.  A nicer door will come once the weather clears up.

Our light dusting of snow helps us see what has been going on in the early hours of the morning.  The kitty has been wandering about.

And some song sparrows.

And, of course, the alpacas.  I think it's fifteen degrees warmer in the alpaca pen because it's so shielded from the wind.  Not that they would mind.

All's well, the temperatures are back on the rise, and the chickens have finally been allowed out of the coop.  A perfect world.

So, to recap for tomorrow:
1) Ginormous giveaway here, through the Juniper Moon Farm Blog,
2) A big Launch of some secret kind,
3) Little Red Barn Farmgirls tomorrow night!  Check that blog for details.

Chins up, friends - it's almost FRIDAY.


  1. The winds of change are ablowin' ! How exciting!!!

  2. Randi9:00 AM

    Lovely Revamp to the format of the site. It looks snazzy!

  3. The site looks great!


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