Dogged Determination

I met a new friend last night - Jess.  She's coming to the Little Red Barn to get a little more confident about her crocheting, and maybe a little bit of knitting help as well.

She's not starting from scratch - she's knitted scarves and hats and even made a little pin money by selling some.  But a "well meaning" teacher (I'll give her the benefit of the doubt) has undermined her confidence and convinced her that there is a Right Way to do things, and Jess isn't doing it.


There's right and wrong in the moral code.  But there's no right and wrong in knitting and crochet.  There are only ways that work better and ways that don't work as well for each particular crafter.  Is English knitting "right" and Continental knitting "wrong?"  Uh, no.  Is there only one way to cast on?  Insane!  Jess is a bright young mom with the gumption to overcome the naysayers and the tsk-tsk-ers and press on.

She's also looking for some good fiber friendship.  Did she come to the right place, friends, or what?  Tonight she started a scarf, and next week, we're making hats.  You go, Jess!  You totally rock.


  1. You are SO right Cindy! My Gran almost stopped me from knitting when she saw how I did it! I think when it was taught in English schools in Victorian times (Gran was a Victorian lady) everyone had to conform (from what I've heard, conformity was in all things). I wonder how many of that generation, or their students gave up because they couldn't hold the work 'correctly'? Praise God for enlightened people like yourself, Cindy! I still come across children who have been told they can't draw and therefore think they are no good at art! I always tell them that there is no right or wrong in art... it's their creation! For some this is a complete revelation! I would rather be an inspiration, than be remembered as someone who killed creativity!

  2. I've lost count on how many times I've been told I don't knit right because I knit continental style. Guess I need to frog all those sweaters, scarves, hats, shawls, mitts, socks.... And get used to having my hands ache when I knit English style because it is the only correct way. ARRGGH. It is so wonderful to have a refuge of non-conformity and creativity!

  3. When I teach people to knit, I always tell them they'll find their way and it's ok to hold the yarn funny - whatever works for you is what works for you. As long as you end up with knitting on the needles, you've done something right!

  4. I could not agree more with this post. I am left handed and, therefore, do everything crochet and knitting the "wrong way"... and yet, the finished object still exists. I love that you can offer this support- great job!!


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