Farm Casserole

Today was made up of lots of this and that... an olio... a hodgepodge.  All farmy, and all good.

First thing this morning on my breakfast rounds, I found this egg lying out in the yard.  The little one on the left.  It must have been laid yesterday sometime, and I completely missed it.  It looks less like an egg and more like one of the chickens had an accident.  Edible, I'm sure.

I got our Giveaway Winner's box in the mail today - keep your eyes peeled, Gwen - it should be in your lap before the weekend's out.  I hope you love all your loot...

My spinning group sent one of our pals off today.  Cathie is moving to Houston, and we'll miss her like crazy.  Cathie learned to spin in the LRB, and let my daughter ride her beautiful Hafflinger pony.  She is one brave fiberista - never afraid to try new things.  Keep in touch, Cathie and John!

Evening chores were so nice tonight - the day had been warm, but the breeze was so pleasantly cool.  Phoebe has managed to join the flock for dinner at least.

But then she retires to the company of the big white dogs.  This will be an interesting assimilation process.

The sun was going down, and a big full moon was trying to rise.  Looking at all that beautiful wool just gave me happy goosebumps.

I haven't even let myself think too much about the fact that I'll meet the puppies for the first time in a week.  Almost afraid to say it out loud... Can not wait.


  1. Love me some puppies! Nothing like that sweet puppy breath and angel soft fur. Can't wait either!

  2. What a fun day it was ! Could that possibly be a guinnea egg?? I had not realized PUP DAY was only one week away...Wake up and shear the sheep :)


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