From Sublime to Delightful

Never a dull moment at the Little Red Barn.  Yesterday we were delighted to have our friend Linda out again, and this time, she brought her dad, Harvey, who grew up on a dairy farm.  What a privilege to host a farmer who can tell stories about milking 30 cows by hand every day.

I think we may have a new spinner in Linda, when we can work out a class time.  And Harvey, please come back anytime, and tell us more stories about the olden days...

Several of our regular LRB ladies came to enjoy the pretty day, and the chance to sit and work on projects together.  Love to have Rita and Dina with us when we can.

Ellie is making great progress on her cardigan, designing on the fly, and getting great advice and feedback from the knitters in the room.

I got to meet Desiree, pal of Brenda's, who was on an amigurumi spree.  Amigurumi is a popular style of Japanese crochet suited to making small toys and figures, mostly perky and whimsical.  Desiree took the technique to quirky heights, making cuddly little zombie creatures.

Little zombie girl.

Werewolf on Brenda's shoulder.

Zombie sheep.

Bed Dead bug.

Swamp Thing.

And Vampire Octopus.  Dark and creepy, but with an inexplicable "awwwww" factor.

Our friend Angela, who works at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary, had just come from a professional meeting, and happened to be toting Jack, the Pueblo Milk Snake in her car.  Jack came in to the Little Red Barn to make an appearance.  "Red touches black, venom they lack.  Red touches yellow, will kill a fellow."  As you can see, Jack is a nice snake.

Welcome and a big thanks to Clyde and Michael who visited the farm yesterday from Oak Cliff.  They own Kessler Cookie Company, and took home a couple dozen farm fresh eggs to use in their amazing recipes!  (I need to check out their best seller - oatmeal-walnut-cranberry cookies.  Oh yes.)

Our friend and the original owner of Moonstruck and Gizmo, Marie Little, dropped by with her grandkids so quickly, that we hardly got to say hello.  Come back again, Marie, when you can sit and visit some more!

It's been an intense, whirlwind weekend so far, and I wouldn't have changed a thing about it.  Must push away from the computer now, though... time to feed the puppies!


  1. WOW ! What a busy day. So sorry I missed the snake. Does she share?


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