The Great Sheep Swap

Yesterday, my new friend Missy and I swapped sheep.

Newly neutered Jethro, gazed on his old pasture for the last time...

...and barely got wedged into a dog crate for the ride to Denton.

Missy and her friend Tracy got a nice shiny halter on him so that he'd be easier to handle.

Took a little walk to his new digs...

...where we met our Phoebe, waiting for us.  She is a sweet little mop of soft fiber.  Reminds me of Titus, with the haystack around her neck.

In she went to the dog crate, and we trundled back home.  I decided the best way to help her acclimate would be to put her in the little pen, inside the big pen, with a couple of new pals.

Shadrach and Mary Elizabeth volunteered to make her feel at home.  Introductions all around.

Ruth has taken a special motherly interest in her new charge.  You think THAT'S fun Ruthie, just wait till the puppies come!

I'll keep the three amigos penned up together for a day or two, and then when I let them out, they should all get along with the rest of the flock, and the dogs.

I hear Ms. Phoebe is a real little stinker - hard to catch, and not very tame.  I'm dying to know what that looks like with our silly bunch.  Her fleece is really sweet - I'll try to get better pictures of it in coming days.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Shearing has been scheduled for Thursday, March 31, first thing in the morning.  With Danny the Shearer, that usually means around 8 AM.  We can't be late - Danny will have other places to go, and he's quick about his work.  I'll have more details to come.


  1. Farewell, Jethro, and welcome Phoebe! Jethro looked ok with the whole thing, really, and Phoebe looks adorble. Can't wait to meet her. And sheering, yeah!!! Don't be late. Danny boy doesn't waste ANY time!! LOL

  2. Phoebe is just beautiful!

  3. So sorry to see him go....Not. Now, Phoebe can be a stinker if she wants - no horns and all and I can just feel her layers of fluff. Did I mention I love wool?

  4. That is a very Shetland-looking sheep!

  5. The Jacob ram is fine looking, and crating him up looks like an adventure. May I ask how you had him neutered/ I have two yearling 4-horned Jacob rams I am considering for this, but have been told it is not a good idea....thanks!

  6. Kathy - that ex-ram and his buddy were sold to me as wethers. We found out they were still intact at their first shearing at my place. Their behavior got to be too dangerous for me, so I was actually considering butchering them. But this gal, Missy was interested in him as a companion to her wether, if we could get him neutered.

    My vet evaluated him and decided to band him. I was very surprised, thinking he'd opt for surgery. But I bowed to his advice. Jethro was subdued and passive for about a week, but was fine. He finally lost his "parts" in the pasture about 3-4 weeks after the banding. He's just fine. It was so successful, I'm considering doing it to his buddy - the Jacob who stayed here. His fleece is much better than Jethro's, and would make it worth while. Good luck with your yearlings. It's a tough decision.


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