Heart-Stopping Cuteness: Puppy Update

Not sure if I can take it... Susie Gibbs posted more puppy pictures this morning, taken by her photographer friend Joel.  Joel does amazing work, and his animal shots are always my favorite.  Run over there if you have a minute and enjoy all of his images.  Thanks, Susie, for the photos of our babies!

And now, without delay, here's Tella and Vanni...

The puppies will be here next Friday night.  Here.  At our farm.  I'm spending some time putting their celebrity suite together so they'll have everything they need.  Of course, it will be rough for them for a while - first time away from their momma Lucy, and all their Juniper Moon pals.  So we're going to give them a little time to readjust before unveiling them in a big way to their adoring Texas public.  I'll keep you informed.

Kind folks who have contributed to the Puppy Transport Fund will enjoy a private reception for the pups, complete with professional photos with the pups by our own amazing animal-loving photographer, Jennifer Jurek.  E-mail me if you'd like a VIP invitation to this garden party...


  1. Look at that little pink tongue! And the pink spot just above their noses. Love, love, love!

  2. They are THE CUTEST. Tella is so full of herself. I imagine she is the one with the upper...er...paw...in these pictures! I am so happy for you!!

  3. Wow Cindy, it doesn't seem 5 mins since you first told us about thwem and now they're on their way to you on Friday!

  4. Love them! They're just so cute it's hard to imagine them being working dogs. (Yet)

  5. Shreeeeeeek! These two little guys are the CUTEST!!!! Ruth and Judah have their job cut out for these two rough houseing balls of fluff!!!


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