In Spite of the Cold

Gardener Gail has done it again.  Even with days and days of sub-freezing weather the last couple of weeks, we have the beginning of a lovely onion bed.  The row covers worked their magic and kept our little onion sets just warm enough not to croak, while all around them, the frosty wind blew.

And looky here - new spinach has germinated.  We're mere days away from some tasty baby spinach salad. 

Gail has some other awesome plans in the works for more veggie beds, now that the weather is turning more hospitable--stay tuned.  Eat local, baby.

What's coming up in your garden?


  1. My herbs, 2 varieties of thyme and mint are going strong.
    Bulbs are poking up from last year. I always love these harbingers of spring,

  2. Love bulbs, Kay - what kind?

  3. Spinach?? I've never seen ROUND spinach seed leaves, and I've grown several varieties over the years. Normally they're like a pair of green swords. It's entirely possible you have some volunteers coming up there. :) Ahhh, the Mystery!!
    Hilary in Norfolk, England

  4. My garden is still buried in snow and bunny poop.

  5. Hilary! Now I'm intrigued... Can't wait to see what these seeds really are! They came out of an unmarked bag from last year, but I'd swear they are spinach... time will tell!

  6. Most of the baby spinach that comes in the pre-bagged salad is rather round -- maybe more like oval?

    So far we have onions and garlic planted, as well as carrot seeds in the ground. My husband had lettuce in pots and brought them in when it was freezing, but they didn't make it. He thinks he over-watered them. :(


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