It's Not Spring Yet...

...regardless of the temperature, or all that pretty green grass and those young plants popping up everywhere.

I know, I know, I actually worked up a sweat unloading hay bales from the truck this morning, but I will not be swayed.  This is just a break from winter.  Winter is very likely Not Finished.  We could still get snow between now and the end of March, like we did last year.

But since we were taking a break, I took advantage of the pretty day and let the sheep out on the "north north" pasture, where the grass has definitely begun to green up some.  I needed to open up the sheep shed and start making preparations for the puppies' arrival.  We moved the little pen into the shed as a safe place for the puppies to stay when they're not out learning how to be guard dogs.  The sheep checked it out thoroughly.

The big double doors on the north open out to the lovely green pasture and will provide nice cross ventilation in the heat of summer.  I'm crazy happy to have this shed finally put to the best use possible.

The ever faithful snowdrops are coming up along my road.  And driving to the feed store this morning, I passed field after field of soft, lush, deep green rye grass blowing in the wind.  As much as I hate to rush the seasons, that sweet new grass sure looked refreshing.  There's a brand new calf in the pasture down the road from me with the Brahma bulls and heifers.  Plenty of signs that the earth is full-to-bursting with new life and promise.

But don't put away the mittens and scarves just yet...


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