Love Your Mother

For over 40 years now, Mother Earth News has encouraged us to "Love Your Mother."  Earth, that is.  I feel like I've gone to that icon of green living all my life to read about the latest ways to live simply, grow organically, eat healthy and find like-minded neighbors.

This week, our farm friend, Jennifer brought a visitor - Andrea Ridout, host of Mother Earth News Radio and author of If I Had a Hammer.  What a treat!  Andrea is a knitter and an avid animal lover.  You can see she and Shadrach really hit it off.  I got to tell Andrea all about how the farm started, and all the amazing ways the fiber CSA concept has grown us - organically - into what we've become together as a community.

If you like to listen to the radio, or to podcasts, check out the Mother Earth News Radio site, and listen to her awesome interviews.  You can download a whole show, or just hit the segments that interest you.

Thanks for visiting the farm, Andrea - and remember, the Little Red Barn is here for you on the third and fourth Saturdays of the month.  Come knit with us real soon...


  1. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I'm thinking about buying myself a present of one of your CSA shares, problem I can't spin. Due to carpul tunnel and a few other problems in my arms and hands, it's just not something I can do.
    I can and do crochet, and would love to have some of your fiber.
    I was wondering if you knew someone who might be interested in spliting a share with me? I would pay for the whole share and in return for spinning it, the other person would get half?
    Please let me know, I'm not sure what it would cost to have it commericaly spun, so I thought maybe I could work something out this way.
    Tahnk you,
    Gail Goodhand

  2. Gail, that's an excellent idea. Let's float it out on our Ravelry group and some other places. Would you mind e-mailing me so I have a good way to contact you? Thanks!

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Maybe I'm being blind, but I can't find your e mail addy. Mine is gailgoodhand
    no space.
    Hope you come up with something or someone, lol, looking forward to hearing from you.
    Gail Goodhand


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