Moving Forward

Gorgeous day in North Texas today, and a sweet time in the LRB... got to celebrate the Day Before Ashley Turns 30, with awesome carrot cake for the humans and raw carrots for the alpacas.

Ashley, in addition to bringing all the refreshments, came with her game face on and made some great progress on her projects.  She showed me how she took some of Vickie's lustrous alpaca fiber and spun a beautiful singles yarn...

... and knitted it into these warm and cozy fingerless mitts.  Gorgeous and warm.  They're for you, Vickie - come to the LRB to claim your prize!

Then Ashley started in on spinning this wild roving... she's got a couple of bobbins of neon neopolitan yarn.  

I made some progress on my friend Ray's warm Jacob hat (almost done, Ray!) and got a little further on my friend's cotton Get Well hat.  It looks orange, but it's really red. 

My friend Ray actually has two hats coming - the first one is a quicker project, which is supposed to hold him over until I can finish this one:

Three plies of different alpaca colors - Solomon black, Moonstruck fawn, and Jonah white.  The spinning was going pretty slowly, but now it's done and dusted.  I'll wash the yarn, let it dry, and start knitting the nicer, more stylish hat.  Ray is going to have a veritable Hat Wardrobe when I get finished.

Leslie dropped by - she reports that her niece loved the knitted penguin Leslie made for her.  I tell you, this lady doesn't understand the words "THAT'S TOO HARD FOR YOU."  She just does it.  Very inspiring.  Also inspiring is the patience she's showing as she waits for the outcome of her application to win the flock of sheep from Juniper Moon Farm.  She's still talking about how the project, whether she wins or not, has helped her focus and home in on her true life goals.  That, in itself, makes you a winner, Leslie!

Our friend Judith brought her friend Dawn to see the farm for the first time.  She got the full tour, met all the animals, and promises to come back with her camera.  I promise to not leave mine in the barn when we have company...

Judith very sweetly brought awesome presents - a very cool sweater designing software program, and the coolest old egg scale I've ever seen.

I'll be putting this baby to work immediately.  Quality control, don't ya know.

Next Saturday we'll spin again, and.... there'll be puppies.  Not sure if we'll spend much time with them - they will have only just arrived the night before - but they should be safely on the premises.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work on the hat that actually fits me, Cindy. I didn't know you were making two for me, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Is Emma your hand model now?

  2. Oh, I missed another good day in the LRB! I'm missing lots of fun this weekend...That IS a really cool scale. WOW ! LOVELY mits, Ashley, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Oh, to be 30 again...

  3. I hope you like these hats. I so appreciate your support of the farm, Ray - the hats are just a small token to say thanks.

    And the hands belong to the knitter, Ashley. She did a great job on them, don't you think?

  4. Dawn and I will see you next Saturday!

  5. I can't wait til next weekend! We should coordinate a bit on time, since it's a Science Weekend AND a Spinning Weekend.


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