Phoebe's First Day

After 24 hours in the get-to-know-you pen, I decided it was time for Phoebe to become part of the flock.  While she was confined, I took a minute to stroke her sweet face, scritch her ears, and get my hands on her fleece a little bit.

It reminds me a bit of Israel's fleece - weathered and light on the outer tips, but more of a charcoal on the inside.  Missy tells me she's just a little tiny thing under all that fiber.  We'll see for ourselves in about six weeks.

Door's open, little girl...

And she's off...

I hate this part, but there's no getting around it.  The new sheep always has to be hazed a little, to become part of the flock.  Phineas took the lead as designated bully.  Fortunately for both of them, this period was short lived.  Both have too much fleece and not enough stamina to keep this up on a 70 degree day.

I'm so happy that Phoebe has figured out quickly to buddy up with the dogs.  She's not afraid of them in the least, and they are completely OK with her.

Now we can all settle down and eat together.

Hang out at the hay trough together...

But Phineas says, "Mind your P's and Q's, Newbie."


  1. Love the social dynamics of the herd--every one of them is so precious!! With the weather getting so pleasant, they'll be in hog-heaven for the next few days I suspect!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    She's beautiful Cindy! Shetlands are smart, she'll be totally fine in no time :)
    Congrats on the new addition to your flock.

  3. ooooo coveting her fleece from here, lucious.... She is lovely!


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