Puppy Love Road Trip - Homeward Bound

We're exhausted, but home at last with the puppies safe and sound.

After a fairly uneventful night at the hotel in Nashville, we loaded up for the long drive back to Parker.

That puppy Dramamine really does the trick.  The pups sacked out and hardly made a peep the entire way.  I got in a little car knitting.  The chemo cap progresses.

About midway, we decided to give the kids a little fresh air and a leg stretch.  Mary helped me find a spot for them to pee.

Tella still looked a little dopey, but they both got the job done.  A little slurp of water for the road, a wipe of the paws to leave all the foreign germs behind, and we were off again.

We pulled in to Parker about 8:45 PM and the family met the babies for the first time.  Of course, everyone's totally and terminally in love.  Ruth and Judah got to meet the babies, too.  Ruthie is all motherly, but Judah let the babies know he was the boss.  More doggy introductions tomorrow.

They settled nicely into their puppy play pen, and had a little bit of dinner to help them feel more at home.

Phineas the Intimidator stopped by to stomp at the pups and let them know he is the Big Cheese around here.  The other sheep stayed back and let Phin do all the talking.

We left the babies to settle in to their new digs.  They were busy playing with each other when we left.  I just looked out my back window, through the door of the shed, and I could see that they had settled down for the night.


So many thanks to Susie Gibbs, my road warrior pals Mary and Karen, and all the friends of the farm who pitched in to make this happen.  The ongoing journey of the puppies here at the farm will unfold on these pages in the coming days.


  1. I'm glad that everyone made it back home safe & sound. What a fun adventure- thanks for sharing the details.

  2. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Love Phinneas the Intimidator. The pups look duly cowed!

  3. Anonymous5:49 AM

    It will be so much easier for them to settle since they have each other. Glad all made it safely home.

  4. What a trip! They look adorable & at home already.

  5. They DO look right at home ! Wake up, smell the coffee, then pinch yourself. I am !

  6. The pups look really happy Cindy! Hope you will all be very happy!

  7. How gorgeous they are! Their fur looks almost as soft and wooly as your sheep!
    Thanks for the photos...may the Lord bless them in their new home!


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