Puppy Outing

Time for some puppy fun in the sun!  Auntie Gail came by to help me give the puppies some romping time outside of their little pen.  My next task, clearly, will be to construct a larger outdoor pen for them to play in during the day, so that they can get more exercise, and more exposure to the sheep and the big dogs.  They are oh-so-ready to be romping.

We put them in harnesses so that we don't choke them in their exuberance.  Phineas is really looking to teach the pups a lesson.  Sorry, woolly bully.  No dice.

Ruth puts up with the kids, but isn't really delighted about them.  After a few sniffs, she went back to her spot for her afternoon nap.  Judah is still a little growly with them.  More time...

The pups found all kinds of toys in the sheep pen.  Drift wood to chew on...

...and fight over...

... and hoard for yourself.

While Gail had them occupied outside, I freshened up their pen, and then it was time for all good puppies to go back into captivity for a rest.  We'll play again later, I promise.


  1. They are such divine little canine specimens!! Sooooo adorable. Can't wait to snuggle them up again. xoxo

  2. They look happy!


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