So quiet outside today.  Very little wind, thankfully.  No traffic noise.  No squawking chickens or bleating sheep.  Even the guineas are subdued.  Just whiteness and peace.

Of course, yesterday, Ted broke the quiet by taking treats to the alpacas - carrot peelings, their favorite. 

And he helped me feed the Jacobs, because it meant hauling some water for them.  The Jacobs love Ted.  He is the Candy Man.  He's been working from home because the streets are total ice.

Bundling up today I wondered how the stock made it through our overnight teen temperatures.  Intellectually, I knew they'd be fine, but it helps me to actually live through these situations to see that somehow, God has made our animals capable of adjusting to this weather.  I remind myself that this isn't even extreme by northern standards.

The hens were busy bustling about, a little coop-crazy, but happy to have their morning tea.  They had made some cozy nests in the hay flakes I'd left them.

The sheep don't act like anything's different.  They have made themselves quite at home in the new shed (yay) but also spend a good bit of time outside, now that the wind has subsided.  I tossed out a new bale of hay so that they'll keep nice and warm from the inside, while their thick fleeces keep them warm from the outside.

The snow dogs had burrowed down in the fresh bedding I'd left for them last night in the hut, and were ready for another romp on the ice this morning.  They really amaze me. 

I love the whiteness.  But it's not snow.  I figured out pretty quickly that what looks soft and fluffy is actually hard and slippery, like a skating rink.  Even the alpacas are sticking close to the barn to avoid the slippery footing.  I know because I saw Moonstruck venture out a little, scramble like Bambi on the frozen pond, and scurry back to the barn.

The cold is here for another day or two, so we'll just keep doing what we know to do and enjoy the enforced quiet.  Lots of folks in this area are enduring brief, rolling power outages, but so far we've been fortunate.  It's been suggested that grids with police or fire stations won't get the outages.  Maybe because we are just up the street from the Parker police and fire station we've been spared.

In any case, we're staying put and staying warm.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Love your photos, especially the last one with the sky. Glad to see the farm family is staying warm and safe. Glad you are not getting the power outages, too. I have definitely learned to save my work very frequently! -Jenn

  2. I understand completely about the deceptive ice trying to appear like its snow. I am glad to see everyone is warm and safe at JR.

  3. I chatted with a friend this morning that lives in Iceland. Believe it or not, their high today was 46F. She said these temps we're having aren't even normal for them. I'm over it and ready to go back to school.


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