75 New Spinners

Got the privilege again today of ushering in a new crop of young spinners, all in awe at the magic that is Turning Wool into Yarn.  It was my yearly visit to Hedgecoxe Elementary School in Plano, where the second graders came in three groups to hear about our sheep and alpaca farm, and see how we get from raw fleece to finished garment. 

They hear from last year's second graders how I teach them to spin, and that they get to go home with their own hand spun wool bracelets.  I don't dare NOT show up.

These kids are always a treat - they are attentive, ask great questions, and are not ashamed to show their amazement at all of wool's cool qualities.  And they're really good with a puff of wool and an un-bent paper clip.

The school really puts its heart into this Fine Arts Day every year, welcoming the "artists" with a lovely hospitality suite, stocked with tons of breakfast and lunch noshes.

Thank you, Ms. Arbolino, and all of you at Hedgecoxe, for inviting me again - I wouldn't miss it.


And then, like a whirlwind, Gail and I were off to Greenville, TX to help our pal Amy McCroskie, get a bunch of her alpacas sheared.  That's where we'll be all weekend, if you need us.  I'll have incredible photos and video on Monday.  Got some cool stuff already in the can...

The Red Barn is open if anyone would like to come spin Saturday, but I'll be up the road.  Please make yourselves at home!


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