The Almighty Clicker

Just a quick post today, because today we start a little clicker training with the puppies.  LGD's don't have to be totally obedience trained, but it's good to have a few basic skills down.  They need to come when called, and not jump up or mouth people.  This helps them learn manners around the stock as well.  I guess we could call this Manners Training.  Since these two are really moose in puppies' clothing, they need manners more than ever.  They are wicked smart, and will pick this up in no time.  I finally found some treat stuff that they like, so we're good to go.

But we started today like every day, with breakfast, and a little chill time.

Rest up, kids.  School's in session this afternoon...


  1. My heart is melting.

  2. Lord have mercy!!! I can hardly stand it. Vanni's head on your knee and the two sharing the peice of straw!!! And Tella looks so thoughtful - just waiting to begin training session I bet (or some other adventure!). :D

  3. Cute as ever, but wow they grow quickly! Hope you have fun teaching them the things they need to know!
    We have sunhere today, but woke to yet another frost earlier, still winter here in South West England!

  4. Yup, still cute! But I actually see some of that wise guardian dog in their eyes already! What a prize you have in those pups. :)

  5. I is ded from teh kewt!


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