By Hook or Crook

Grandma Tutu and I worked on some of the farm accounting today (yick) and then treated ourselves to a little crochet break.  Am I the only one who has to bribe herself to finish gross tasks?  ("If you're a good girl and get your taxes done, you can cast on a new project!!")

We tried out the Attic 24-ish flower motif found here at "By Elizabeth Cat."  We each tried one out and found it fairly simple and satisfying.  We're thinking about making enough motifs to join them into a shawl or throw for raffling off or donating.  Want to make some, too?

My treasure box of little KnitPicks yarns looks like a gorgeous paint box full of potential.

I'm such a geek - I have to read my patterns off of the computer screen...

Not done yet.

Joined and done except for a bit of weaving-in.

Let's see... one motif a day for a month from two people will just about do it...


  1. Looks beautiful! Can you knot together and crochet the ends as you go as Lucy does with her other motifs?

  2. I remembered to do that a few times, but a couple of other times I forgot. I'm guessing that by the time you've done 46 of these babies, it's pretty much second nature. ;-)


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