Don't be Too Jealous

Springtime in Texas means several things.  First, we have tons and tons of Blue Sky.

And blue pastures.  My favorite.

And, shearing time.  Area ranchers are clearing out their barns, sorting last year's fiber to make room for this year's fiber.  Today I sauntered up to Amy McCroskie's ranch (one of our affiliate ranches) to see some of the fleeces she had for sale, to add to our Shareholder Harvest.

Oh. My.  Pounds and pounds of Heaven followed me home - white, gray, rosy-brown.  If you're a shareholder, prepare to drool down your chin.  Fair warning.

If you're not a shareholder, there's still a little time.  Shares (whole and half) will be available until April 15.  We'd love to split all this crimpy, soft, luscious, finger-tantalizing, eye-pleasing alpaca and woolly goodness with you.

If you're missing spring in Texas, I'm so, so sorry.  We'll do our best to enjoy it for you.


  1. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Yum-nummy fleece! What kind of sheep did they come from?


  2. Alpacas!! Scary-soft.

  3. Love that blue sky! And thanks for the puppy photos too... I want a puppy!

  4. My Brazillian friend calls that 'a clean sky'! Beautiful! Are the blue flowers lupins? Still using my green project bag! So is Steve x

  5. Rachel Barnes4:09 PM

    The last several months I have really been digging deep into the fiber community.....following blogs, reading up on fibers, fiber processing, ect. I have become enamored with ALL OF IT :)

    With that being said......My uncle owns roughly 16 or so llamas in Oregon and in talking with him the other day I asked what he did with the fiber after sheering. His response "I normally just throw it away." WHAT!!! In my state of SHOCK, I asked if I could possibly have some of this raw fiber. His answered "Darlin, you can have all of it." ALL OF IT!! I couldn't even believe my ears!!! FREE FIBER!

    So, here I am about 7 weeks away from the "harvest" and I have not a clue in how to go about processing this fiber and hopefully getting it to a mill to be spun. Reading can only get me so far as I am a "learn by doing" type of person. HELP....anything, no matter how small, maybe just a point in the right direction??

  6. Rachel! How wonderful for you - that's great! Email me and I'll try to hook you up with some good resources: jacobsreward at juno dot com. Woohoo!

  7. @Caro - those are Bluebonnets - the state flower, which is in the Lupine family. They come and go briefly in spring. We LOVE our Bluebonnets here in Texas!

  8. Can I come help with that lovely, crimpy fleece?? I'll make sure none of it "falls" into my deep, deep pockets.... Ha!
    I'd better keep my eyes open for those lovely Bluebonnets! THANKS :)


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