How Puppies Play

Wow, have these kids grown.  Today they got unfettered play time in the paddock with the big dogs.  They never stopped moving.  Ruthie put up with it for a while, but Judah retired to the hut and would have none of it.

The pups discovered the water trough.  Oh, my...

One puppy in the trough.

Two puppies in the trough.

One puppy out of the trough.

Two wet, muddy puppies out of the trough.

Two wet, muddy puppies attack gimpy old-lady-dog who finally gets fed up.

A short clip of puppy revelry:

I think we're approaching the bittersweet moment when the puppies will have to be split up.  They are completely joined at the hip and don't want to work with humans.  They need to start learning from the big dogs, in short, controlled sessions, and they can't be distracted by their sibling.  I anticipate a lot of crying.  And the puppies, too.


  1. Animals were like humans, in some cases they were just like us. They are totally cute, thanks for sharing.

  2. MissMoosey on Ravelry7:43 AM

    Do their tails EVER stop wagging? My goodness! I wish I had only a teaspoonful of that puppy energy.

  3. I'll bet they had a good puppy nap after that session!

  4. I need a nap just watching!


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