Inspiration for the Suburban Farmer

I had the occasion to run by Farmhand Gail's house yesterday, and was struck again by how much can be accomplished in a really small space - both production wise, and artistically.  Gail's backyard is a typical suburban yard, on the tiny side, surrounded by a privacy fence.  Point your imagination at even a few square feet and see what happens!  Check out these appealing examples of small spaces used beautifully...

Garlic, Romaine lettuce, radishes, and onions in a box.

Apple gourds and driftwood.


Chard in a barrel.

Garden loom made from pruned branches, twine, garden cuttings and found objects.

Culinary sage tucked into a bed.

Recycled tea pot and utencils.

$10 antique washtub, waiting to be planted in more veggies.

 Weathered chair with apple gourds, waiting to be turned into painted treasures.

Garden visitor, safe from pesticides and herbicides.

Infant yarrow.

I got all kinds of ideas about how to spruce up my larger space to make use of some of the incredible resources at my fingertips.  How 'bout you?  How do you use your outdoor spaces?


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