New Launch: iShepherd Wear

A big Ta-Da today:  our new JRF t-shirt design!  What do you think?

Samson looks good on a T, doesn't he?  Would you like his face on your chest?

To give everyone the greatest range of choices, I'm going to take pre-orders through the weekend and then I'll stock some here at the farm for sales through the spring.  Now's your chance to guarantee that the size, color and style you want is available. 

Here's what we'll do:  e-mail me at jacobsreward at juno dot com, and let me know your size (adult S-4XL), style (unisex or ladies cut), and color (black, red, blue, teal, emerald).  I'll send you a Paypal invoice for $14, plus $2 if you need it mailed, and I'll turn in the order on Monday.  After that, the price will be $16 plus shipping and you can choose from what we have available.

Ready, set, get dressed!


  1. ooh, ooh, ooh, too cool! but doggone it Cindy, could you have at least waited a day later to announce this!? i just finished cleaning out my closet and making a promise not to buy any more clothes. Would have at least liked to have gone 24 hours before breaking this!


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