New Tricks

The Can-Do Spirit struck again today.  This time, I got to be the encourager - what a blast.

I went to Tractor Supply this morning to buy four cattle panels and some t-posts to make an outdoor play pen for the puppies - they really need the space.  Field trips to TS are always fun, with fascinating farm gadgets and equipment to boggle the imagination.  But today, I only bought what I went for.  The poor store owner was stuck at the register because several people had called in sick and he was terribly shorthanded.   He cheerfully rang up my purchase and radioed out to the yard that I'd be driving around to load up my fencing supplies.  The last thing he said to me was, "don't let Lorraine get to you."

Lorraine is a 60-something employee who really knows her stuff.  And she's tough enough to load pickup after pickup with farm necessities all day long.  But with the shorthandedness around there, she was a bit, um, grumpy.

The first thing she said to me was, "you can't get 4 panels in a pickup.  You need a trailer."  I assured her that I had done it before and that I thought it would work.  She insisted that panels were too stiff to bend four at a time and that it couldn't be done.  Kindly, I hope, I asked if she'd be willing to give my method a try.  She threw her hands up in the air and rolled her eyes.  "If you want to try it, suit yourself."

We bent each panel in half, wired the ends together, lifted it into the bed of the truck, and then unwired it.  It opened up against the walls of the bed.  We then did the same to the other three panels in turn, nesting them one inside the next against the cab of the truck.

"Well, what do you know," she said.  "I learned something new today.  I've never seen that done before."  And she smiled.  Ah, success.  Not only did we do the impossible, but I made a friend and taught a seasoned pro a new trick.  You don't get to do that everyday.

Of course, when I got home, I had to wait for Farmhand Gail to help me unload those panels and get the pen set up.  Again, we put our Farm Girl Know How to work, rigged up a gate, cut the panels to fit, drove some t-posts and wired up the panels.  The puppy pen was complete.  And the best part is, the puppies now have lots of room to romp, inside the sheep/dog pen, where they can observe and acclimate to their new environment.

We did have to make a couple of adjustments to completely Tella-proof around the gate - she escaped twice before the pen was totally secure.  They will spend the night in their small pen inside the shed, just so I will be able to close both eyes to sleep tonight.  Tella is a little rascal, not to be trusted.

From the upcoming video:


  1. That closing picture is priceless. I think that one is laughing. LOL!

  2. I don't care what the Farm Girl manual says, YOU GIRLS are earning Farm Badge upon Farm Badge !!!
    Outrageous and Stupendous. Really!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! You girls "ROCK"!!! And, I think you have given me my solution for my back yard. The neighbors dog who has adopted us has declared my whole back yard as his!! A fence across from the back fence to the corner of my house would be perfect! Then the back patio will be MINE again!! :)


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