Puppy Progress - Growing Like Weeds

What with all the shearing excitement and preparations, we haven't gotten to peek at the puppies in a while.  Wonder how they're growing?  Check it out.

Vanni is our gentle giant.  Unless you look at him next to Judah, he really looks huge.  His face is full of kindness and quiet, though he can get rowdy when he wants to.  Like when I fill up the water bucket.  That's his invitation to paddle all the water out onto the ground and make mud.

"Who me?"

Look how big his feet are next to mine...

...and how big he is next to the Dogloo...

Then, there's dainty Miss Tella.  Vocal, active, muddy, wily, and delightfully smart.  She has a dear heart, too, but in a mischievous package.

Caught her in a pensive mood.  That hardly ever happens.

When we get shearing out of the way, the puppies' training will begin in earnest.  One thing at a time.


  1. Isn't it funny how their personalities were just stamped on them when they were born? The were exactly as you describe since they opened their eyes.

  2. That's amazing, isn't it? They are so precious to me! We spend many quality moments together just sending love back and forth. They are dear, dear, dear. I just know they will be so good at their jobs. Tella has already picked out her favorite sheep.

  3. They are
    also VERY photogenic! Love them both.

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Sure are cute! Looking forward to visiting Thursday and Friday and learning how to spin!! Cat

  5. Thanks for the update! Always enjoy seeing the white, fluffy BIG balls of fur!

  6. Anonymous5:10 PM

    how long will the Shearing last ? Just curious , would have to get back to work . Thanks

  7. The actual shearing shouldn't take more than an hour... we'll hang out longer than that, but Danny is quick, so don't blink!


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