Rock Stars Meet the Superstar Pups

Do you all know Dawn Bahr?  She's a nurse, teacher, mom, wife, and podcaster, to name a few of her hats...  She's also a great friend of the farm, and treks across the metroplex from time to time to visit with us.  Yesterday, she stopped by to see the puppies in person.

The kids were on their best behavior and quite enjoyed the attention.

Our pal Amy who lives up the road, and is part of the Rock Star knitting group with Dawn, came along for some puppy love.  Amy is a treat to be with, too - a crackerjack redhead who teaches art at my daughter's high school.  No small job, let me tell you.

Even Vanni likes her sense of humor.  We wore out the pups with all the silliness.

If you collect podcasts on your MP3 player, check out Knit Naturally on iTunes or directly here:  Dawn will keep you laughing while you knit.


  1. Judy, a JMF "auntie"3:36 PM

    Thanks for sharing the pix of Vanni and Telly. I love to watch how they are growing. And they are so gorgeous!


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