Roller Coaster of Spring

Who needs Six Flags when you're a fiber farmer in spring?  I'm still feeling the wind in my hair from last week's alpaca shearing adventure, and now, in the lull that is Monday, I hear the faint "tick, tick, tick, tick" as the roller coaster car climbs up the next hill.  Hang on, the ride's not over...

Thursday is coming, and with it, our Sheep Shearing Extravaganza (8 AM)!  We'll spend this week gearing up for the wool harvest, which is looking to be a record-breaker.  Lots of long, soft, strong wool on the hoof at feeding time this morning.

Meanwhile, the alpacas are trying to adjust to their fiberlessness and our recent cold snap.  It's 48 degrees, which isn't terribly cold, unless you're used to being in a warm coat and someone takes it away.  They'll adjust in a couple of days, and the temperatures are forecast to go up a lot, later in the week.  That fiber has already started re-growing.  They're working on NEXT year's harvest.

Our colorful line up of old-man alpacas snarf up breakfast.

The Suris, bigger and stronger than last year, fill up on sweet feed.

...and the new guys enjoy peace and quiet from the hazing and chilly breeze.

 It's warm in the house, of course.  My living room is stacked high with fiber!

Tomorrow: Overdue Puppy Update...


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    okay, why are the new guys blanketed and separated? Love the 'sound effects' for a roller coaster!! Completed the picture!!

  2. Love all the pipe cleaner creatures !

  3. The new boys were a little shivery, and the big boys were not letting them eat hay very nicely, so we gave them their own stall for a bit till it warmed up and they got settled in better. The sun came out this afternoon and it turned quite pleasant, so I turned them out with the herd. I think everything's fine now.

  4. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Thanks Cindy for the explanation.


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