Spinning and Puppy Snuggling

Busy, busy day at the farm Saturday - first, a wonderful spinning class made up of four wonderful new friends - including a Young Man.  Hate to embarrass you, Billy, but you're a very progressive kind of guy to really get to know your fiber.

 Billy (only his elbow is pictured for some reason) and his mom, Thelma.

I was also happy to meet Billy's friend Sarah Lynn and his mom, Thelma.  Billy and girlfriend, Lauren, are considering adding sheep (and maybe alpacas) to their farm, to help keep the property in agricultural use.  I so respect them for diligently learning the ropes from the ground up, before tossing some animals in the fence just to please the county tax office.  They are going to do it right.

Lauren spins a great yarn.

Before our class was finished today, every one of them was spinning lovely yarn.  Now, all they need is some practice time!

Sarah Lynn also totally got the hang of it.

I had hardly said goodbye to my new class, when we turned around and prepared for our long-awaited Puppy Reception, held to thank and honor my Puppy Transport Fund donors.  Awesome snacks, visiting, spinning and knitting, puppy and sheep snorgling and copious photo ops.  My picture collection has big holes in it.  Our faithful photographer pal, Jennifer Jurek, was on hand, thankfully, and she'll have a wonderful set of photos on her site next week.  Here's just a taste of our day from my camera:

Peggy and Dina put the visiting time to good use - progress on the projects.

So happy to have road-warriors Karen and Mary, Burt, and Gail on hand.  
I missed snapping Laurie and Mickey who did get to stop by.

Shadrach insists on his time in the spotlight.

But the puppies were the main attraction.

The pups posed in their pen, but Jennifer also got portraits of each of our benefactors holding puppies.  
Gotta get those precious keepsakes while the puppies are still small enough to lift...

This is our irresistible cute look.

The sheep are shameless publicity hounds.

Okay, enough with the pictures.  We're ready for our naps.

And time for our afternoon graze.

I'm so overwhelmingly grateful to all the folks who have pitched in, in so many ways, to get the puppies here to the farm.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I'll do everything I can to make sure these puppies have a wonderful life, and grow up to fulfill their inborn purposes.  God bless you all...


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. Thanks for keeping us updated Cindy. The puppies look so happy, and huge!

  2. What a fun day that was! I love the picture of the "irresistible cute look"! That my be my favorite picture of these cuties! :-)


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