Sweet, Sweet Evening

Maybe it's just because I'm a little worn out, but this evening, walking out in the pasture, I feel so content, healed and refreshed.  The sun is low, the air is cool and still, the animals all seem peaceful and happy, and the atmosphere is quietly euphoric.

The alpacas have forgiven me this morning's exciting toenail trimming event, and they're happy to graze around me in the setting sunlight.  The chickens are oddly silent, having said all there is to be said today.  The guineas still dart this way and that, but even they seem more subdued.  I'm just going to drink it in and be thankful...

Now if you'll excuse me, there's a couple minutes left of daylight.  I'm going to soak them up...


  1. Are you going to take pictures of the supermoon? Elizabeth is going to give it a go.

  2. Judy, a JMF "auntie"10:31 PM

    Do I really see 4 horns in the third picture? If my eyes aren't deceiving me, isn't that unusual?

  3. Judy, that's a picture of our Tommy, a Jacob sheep. Jacobs can have 2 or 4 horns, kind of at random. The sheep in the 7th picture, the 2-horned guy, is also a Jacob. Funky sheep, yes? Great fiber...

  4. What an interesting assortment of animals. Handsome faces all.


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