Time to Peel the Sheep

We're prepping and tidying for our big Shearing Day tomorrow here at the farm.  It's the sheeps' turn to give up their woolly coats and dress more appropriately for summer.  The temperatures are supposed to be back up in the 80's after shearing, just in time.  I'm hoping for a nice dry, warm day today to blow away all the moisture from yesterday's constant mist.  Wet wool does not shear well.

This year's sheep shearing will be very exciting for me - we had a good year health-wise in the sheep flock, so our harvest should be much, much better than last year.  We were protected from coyote attacks and other stressors, so the wool should be strong and soft.  I'm really anxious to get my hands into this year's fleeces.

You're cordially invited to come out tomorrow from about 8 AM on to watch this fascinating process.  We'll have a big pot of coffee and some snacks, and some skirting and spinning demonstrations, too.  Park up on the road and walk on down.  Kids are welcome, but please leave pets at home.

Our shearer, Danny Smith is really amazing to watch.  We clocked him at 3 minutes per sheep last year, carefully peeling off a year's growth with ease.  We get a lovely product this way, in contrast to when I tried myself with electric shears, or even with my beloved manual hand shears.  Shearing is an art, best left to the artists.

From last year's shearing day:

 Shadrach under the blades--zip, zip, zip...

 ...and Voila!  A nekkid sheep ready for a Texas summer.


  1. You won't have that mud to deal with this year will you!!! Have fun, wish I could take a field trip and skip work to be there.

  2. Thank the Lord, no. Praying for a dry night and a drier tomorrow! Wish you could be with us!

  3. I'm sooooo disappointed to have to be missing this! Sometimes having to be a responsible adult stinks! BAH! (That does seem to be the appropriate response at having to miss a sheep shearing.)

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Shadrach looks very proud of his new haircut!Alpacamama


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