The Truth about Mountains and Molehills

Working this farm has helped me in so many significant ways; it's flushed out some of my personal inadequacies so that I could overcome them.  Today's case in point:

When faced with a challenge, somehow as a kid I got the message, "that's too hard of a job for you.  You can't do that.  Leave that to the grown-ups."  And now that I am, chronologically, a grown up, I still look at a job or a problem and wonder how on earth I'm going to solve it.  I hem and haw, and wring my hands.  I put up with an annoying situation, or sigh and wish I was smart enough or strong enough or experienced enough to deal with it.  I subconsciously wonder when the grown-ups are going to show up and fix it.  Sounds so silly, doesn't it?  I hide my disability well.

Recognizing the problem is the first step toward solving it, don't they say?  I've dubbed this challenge, "mountains out of molehills" syndrome.  I paint a problem as much, much bigger than it really is.

I've begun tackling this supressive issue by surrounding myself with Can Do people -- people who look at a challenge and say, "hey, that's no big deal.  We can do that, no problem."  I'm beginning to believe them.  They're always right.  I'm growing a lot more confidence in my ability to come up with creative solutions, even when it involves hand tools and brute strength.

Gail is one of these Can Do people.  She's been solving lots of really difficult challenges in her own life, and brings that indomitable spirit to the farm.  She's also an artist, and not only solves the problem, but solves it elegantly and artistically. 

So today we set about to tackle a problem that has hobbled me for years - I needed a gate in the fence by the water faucet.  This would save me lots of extra steps (and wasted water) running through the three doors in the barn, to get to the hose, to fill the animals' water buckets.  A couple of weeks ago, we both figured out that I still had a horse panel with a gate in it, leaning up against the south fence, doing nothing.  AHA!  Today, we installed that panel in the fence, which needed tearing out anyway because it's so old and ratty.  Two birds with one stone. 

Clearing brush, cutting heavy wire, pulling out small stumps, pounding t-posts, and wiring up the new panel and gate...  We were SO proud of ourselves.  We did it.

Can Do Gail

Can Do Cindy

Now we can cross one more vexing obstacle off our list.  And we didn't spend a dime.

Thank you to all the Can Do people in my life who help me believe I can be a Can Do person, too: Laurie, Gail, Liz, Chris, MaryTutu, Karen, Susie, Nancy, Elizabeth, Joanne, and on and on.  Thank you to all my friends who help me recognize and conquer the molehills, and even some real mountains.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Fantastic work Can Do Gals!!! Looks great

  2. Fabulous post! Positivity is a "gateway" to greatness. God didn't make you to be anything other than fabulous. And, you are!

  3. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Way to go Mom and Cindy!

  4. Fantastic! I too am a member of the mountains out of molehills club. (Mix in a little self doubt....) So cool what you have accomplishedd! Can Do People are THE BEST.

  5. You go girl(s)!! xoxo

  6. Fabulous! You encourage me that I can be a "Can Do Gal" too. I love your gate!

  7. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Rock on Ladies!! Attitude is everything!!

  8. YOU Beautiful, Strong Women, you make me smile !!! Hey, I'll let ya go through my new gate if I can go through yours...

  9. Anonymous8:28 AM

    I love you Cindy T.!


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