We Have a Winner

Actually, we have two winners, because our Blue Ribbon Judging Panel had such a tough time choosing just one.  It was intense.  They went into a soundproof booth and were laughing so hard, I could hear them.  Reading through the choices, they would spontaneously burst into earth-shaking guffaws.  They settled down and dabbed their eyes.  Then came the serious job of judging, with the calculators and slide rules, the algorithms and a bit of rock/paper/scissors.  Finally they emerged from their seclusion with a first and second place entry that came in neck and neck.  I decided we could award two prizes.

Our runner up was submitted by Judith...

And, pulling ahead into a tight lead, was this sophisticated entry from Rebecca:

Beautiful job, ladies!  There were so many fantastic ideas - you guys are crazy-creative.  Thanks so much!  Our winners will receive one tube of "Free Range Chicken Poop" lip balm (contains no real chicken poop, just beeswax, essential oils, and other stuff),...

and their choice of either a spinning wheel pin or a sock knitting pin.  These are cute little lapel-type pins - darling.

Ladies, send me a good address to send your prizes to jacobsreward at juno dot com, and I'll ship these out to you. Don't forget to tell me which pin you'd like.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who made our day reading your clever captions.  We're going to have to do this again sometime soon.


  1. Now, what flavor is that?? Where CAN I get some?

  2. My MIL sent me some chicken poop one year when we were living in Germany. My cleaning lady was there when I opened it. YOU try explaing in that in a foreign language to someone form a different culture! Especially a culture as LITERAL as the Germans!! I can still lee the look of horror on Sabine's face! LOL!!

  3. Cute comments! Congrats, winners! xoxo

  4. All of the comments were really good! I know it must have been a hard decision. But, these two are my favorite! Had me snickering as I read them!

  5. Ok - that was hilarious.

  6. Thank you so much Cindy and panel of esteemed Judges, I'm so honored, because what I was really getting at was a sidebar on this blog featuring a picture of each of your 'yarn producers'.


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