Baby Watch Continues

What a night we had - thunder, lightning, rain, gale-force wind... I thought sure we'd have a lamb today.  But lambs come when they're ready and not a moment sooner.  I read a study when I was a birth doula that showed how it's actually a chemical in the lamb's brain that sets the ewe into labor at precisely the right time.  So we wait.

With this morning's sunshine, I turned Mary Elizabeth and her pal Titus out with the flock so that they could get a little exercise and Vitamin D.  The boys didn't pester Mary much at all, so I've left her out to carry on as she chooses.

It seems (and I could be imagining all this) that she's a little more relaxed today than she has been for a couple of days.  I think we both made each other a little nervous lately as I watched her every muscle twitch, and I just decided to back off and Nature do her thing.

I do check on the flock by looking out the back window every so often, and everyone is chilling nicely today.

This is Itzhak, Mary Elizabeth's twin brother.  He's the most generously endowed "wether" in the pasture, and is definitely a candidate as the father of the lamb.  If so, he got the job done this year that he did not get done last year.  Looks like we'll have to think about different arrangements in the pasture going forward.  No more hanky-panky unless we PLAN for it.

Little Titus' behavior has surprised me almost more than the unexpected pregnancy.  Who knew a little yearling wether would make such a good sheep-doula?


  1. I woke up this morning thinking for sure I'd have a call from you . . . ah well.

    I'm so glad to see that M-E is looking a bit perkier!

  2. Angela3:56 PM

    Ditto what Chris said... and thanks for remembering that we don't have a window to look out and see how M.E. is doing & giving us updates. What a bunch of aunties this little one(s) already has looking out for it/them! :-)

  3. I definitely thought of Mary Elizabeth during the storm last night! Thanks for the update!


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