Elsie the Cow-Sheep

I just have to laugh.  This little ewe is amazing.  How long can she hold out?

They say the udder can fill a few weeks before birth.  Fine.  Then, they say, just before the big event, the lambs will "drop" and the ewe will "hollow out" as the lambs move into birthing position.  I'd say she's dropped, wouldn't you?  Like, days ago.

She hasn't lost her appetite.  She's still capable of competing with the boys for grain.  I give her a little extra by hand at each meal before I turn the flock loose on the feed pans.  Just in case.

She's a tough little cookie though, even dragging around all that extra weight.  We're either having twins, or we're going into the soap business.  Just look at all that milk.

The only sign I haven't seen is the ripening of the, uh, lady parts.  I'm not chilling any champagne until I see that.


  1. Hee haw. I'll gladly use any extra milk for soapmaking!! Poor thing must be getting miserable!!

  2. OUCH! Need cabbage leaves?

  3. Ohh, Grandmatutu I want to learn to make soap!!!


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