Fiber Fest: Bonanza of Friends and Fiber

I have to say a huge Thank You to the DFW Fiber Fest committee, the volunteers, vendors and instructors.  This is one class act.  The new venue in Grapevine provides so much more space, light, and positive atmosphere than they were able to get in Addison.  Just my opinion.   Anna and her crew rolled out the red carpet for me and I felt just like a VIP, with every whim catered to, this weekend.  There's still tomorrow (Sunday) left, if you can run by.

Today I got to visit the Convention Center a couple of hours before my classes started; I like to spend a little time in the venue before I launch into my class material.  I soaked up a complete palate of color and texture, and lots of sweet familiar faces, as I roamed the halls.

 Liz,  me and Anna.

Buddies Anne, Mitchie and Janet.


 Shareholder Alisha.


 Burt and Dina with their JRF shopping tote.  Sweet.

 Mary Tutu partakes at the candy bar.

Peggy and Marlene.

Alissa, the Knitting Fairy.

 Jennifer and Claire.

 Road warrior Karen.

 New knitter Pat.

Sweet Brenda.

And then it was time to teach - wow, was that ever a blast.  The beginning spinning class lived up to my expectations and I think, surpassed their own.  Just like I like it.  You ladies did fantastic!

The Art Yarn class had a blast with Leslie Cooper's art batts, and our crazy add-ins.

Do check out the last day of the DFW Fiber Fest.  Enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon with Your People.


  1. Yippee! new spinners! Looks like everyone had a great time. I was there on Friday, so I missed some great friends that were there on Saturday.

  2. Oh Cindy, looks as though you all had a wonderful time! Please pass on Steve's and my congratulations to your new spinners and knitters! Wonderful!!

  3. Caro - thank you! And pass on my congratulations to Steve on his excellent Shetland singles! Hope he love the plied yarn just as much! Isn't spinning the BEST?

  4. Saturday looks like THE BOMB ! Best FiberFest in Texas, I'd say!! Cindy, you just simply ROCK.

  5. Terri Brimm8:04 AM

    When I got home, my 9 yo daughter was so excited about spinning that I let her have a go at the spindle from the class. She loves it!! She now wants to make me "lots of yarn!" The class was fantastic and I went back to the hotel and practiced my new skill all evening. Thank you!

  6. My pleasure Terri - please let me know how I can help you and your daughter enjoy spinning for years to come...

  7. My 7 year old was intrigued about the spindle too! she did give it a go!


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