Give Birth Already - Baby Watch, Day 8

Join me in my obsessed scrutiny of our poor pregnant ewe, Mary Eizabeth, as we vainly try to predict when her lamb(s) will make an appearance:

Honestly, other things are happening around here as well.  I promise I'm not sitting in the pasture around the clock.  Really, I'm not.  For instance,

2011 Shares - a few shares are still available and will be through April 15.  At that point we'll discontinue sales until the shares are processed and distributed, and then we'll open up Share sales for 2012.  Welcome to our newest shareholders Karin, Beth, Kate, Cheryl, Cathy, Linda, and Angela.  Do we have some lovely fiber for you this year....

New Farm T-Shirts - I haven't forgotten about these, just pushed them to the back burner with shearing and Lamb Watch.  Will refocus on that project early next week.  If you pre-ordered a t-shirt, I'll confirm that by e-mail and send you a PayPal invoice.  Then we'll make more t-shirts available to the general public.  I'm really liking the new design.  (They will come in other colors in addition to black...)

DFW Fiber Fest - in Grapevine this weekend.  What a cool event.  Lots of your favorite vendors, classes, general hobknobbing, and networking opportunities.  This would be a great place to come try out spinning wheels, knitting needles, exotic fibers, and new stitching techniques.  See their website for all the skinny.

Fourth Saturday Spin-In - Spinning Cotton - our pal Lisa Randolph from Lubbock won't be able to be with us that day, but I'd still really like to focus on cotton, since our shares this year will contain some Texas-grown cotton from the Randolph Ranch.  I got a DVD on cotton spinning that really has me intrigued, and I want to overcome my fear about, and bias against cotton.  If there is enough interest, I'll figure out a way to show the DVD and we can all practice together.  Anybody with me?  I also have a couple of friends who are great cotton spinners who might consent to share their wisdom...

There's lots going on right now.  Spring is by far the busiest time around the farm.  Nature brings us lots of challenges in Spring (baby lambs, tall grass, freshly-sheared fleece), but I also feel some impetus to get things done before the heat hits.  That's when Nature tells us to go inside, crank up the AC, pull out our spinning and knitting, and dream of fall.


  1. How often do you go out there to check on her? Do you have an alarm set?

  2. Judith, I'm doing my darndest not to become completely obsessed. I check once late at night and then I try to leave her alone till morning. Then I peek out into the pasture several times a day. This is a very hardy breed and they are 99.99% capable of handling everything on their own. So, I am trusting the Designer of the system to get this lamb here safely. I'd just really like to see it if possible. ;-)

  3. Cindy, you crack me up!! As soon as you STOP watching her she'll birth. Promise. Sheep are sneaky like that!

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I swear *I* saw the lamb move, even if you didn't. C'mon babybee!



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