Hondo Becomes "Noah" Today

I rode down to Balch Springs with John and Peggy Ralson to help load Hondo into their van for the ride up to Jacob's Reward Farm today.  He is one pretty boy.  I'm familiar with his fleece, as Peggy has shared some of his fiber with us before.  It's dense, and lovely.

Doesn't he have a sweet face?

He said goodbye to his sweet home, and set out on a new adventure...

...which started with a van ride through town and down highways.  He may have developed a taste for air conditioning.  Peggy, anticipating his move to a farm where everyone gets a Bible name, asked if we already had a "Noah."  Well.... we do now!

Once we unloaded in Parker, his new pasture mates were on us like ducks on a June bug. 
Quite curious, the boys were.

So we closed him in the pen to give him some personal space
while the old boys gave him the third degree and a thorough sniffing-over.

He was just as curious about them, and glad to have some company after nearly a week of solitary confinement.

He really is nicely built, and regal.

He spent the most time conferring with the suri boys - this is the real Men's Club.  All three of these boys are intact.  My only concern is they settle into a good working relationship.

Thank you, Peggy and John, for trusting your baby to us.  I promise he'll have a great home here with plenty of friends--four legged and two.

Okay.  Now the pasture really is totally full.  Really.  Full.


  1. Wow, 5 additions in less than 5 months. He's really pretty.

  2. Payton's Playful Alpaca's John P.Ralston Balch Springs Tx9:28 PM

    So long Hondo!Your buddie Oceola will forever be in our hearts.Yall both came to us as Babies in Jan,2004 from Copper Hill Ranch Alpaca's in Covington Tx.Yall had the whole place to roam and eat grass since Sept,2008 when your two older brothers Fancy Shoes and Sand Dancer went to be with Tony in Sunnyvale.

  3. Welcome, Gorgeous Noah !!!


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