Meet Rachel and Moses

A bonus Sunday post today, because I want you to know that the babies are safe, healthy, growing, and have names!  Our friends Dawn and Kristen got pretty close on guessing when the lambs would be born, and won the opportunity to name them.  Dawn chose "Rachel" for the little ewe, and Kristin picked "Moses" for the little ram lamb.  These are wonderful names for these guys - Rachel means "ewe" and Moses had a rough start as a baby just like our little ram did, but went on to do great things.

Last night, Gail helped me with the feeding chores, and made the lambs very ingenious little capes for them to wear, to ward off our coolish overnight low temperatures.  These are little pieces of polar fleece that just cover their backs and have arm holes, but don't get in the way of peeing or pooping or hanging around their necks.  They are perfect for the babes. 

Before we turned in for the night, I was able to watch the babies nurse, and it sent a wave of joy and relief over me like I haven't felt in a long time.  Not only were they finally getting the hang of it, but they were nursing like they were making up for lost time.  No more milking momma for supplements - they are fine!

This morning when I went in to tend to Mary Elizabeth and check on them, I could see that we've reached the stage where they actually play with each other, explore the jug, and spring up involuntarily as they move about.  Sproing, sproing, sproing!  Exactly what happy, healthy little lambies do.  Huge sigh.  Mary Elizabeth is an excellent mother, in spite of losing her own mother as a little lamb herself.  Instinct.  Gotta love it.

I'm so grateful for this little bonus gift.  As you know, we don't breed here at Jacob's Reward, and every spring I have to enjoy other people's lambs vicariously (sniff).  But the surge of life on this farm, thanks to God and all of you, is overwhelming, and sometimes it just bursts out as surprise baby lambs.


  1. Sweet gifts from Heaven: Favor, Provision, Life, Joy, and the Wisdon and Grace of our Good Shepherd!!!! This is quite a ride!

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    How much they have grown in such a short time. Glad all is well in the nursing department. How about an update on the other babies, the puppies??? Was reading past posts about Ruth, not having been a reader for very long. How's she doing?


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