Mid-week Farm Pulse

No baby yet.  Just wanted to get that out of the way.  M.E. looks fine - a little hollow around the hips, which is good, still eating well.  She's dozing here a bit at the hay feeder, but I fed her a cup or two of grain from my hand this morning to make sure she was getting enough calories, and not having to compete with the lug-head boys.  We must be in the homestretch.

It's a beautiful crisp morning - about 60 degrees - with a light breeze.  I'm happy every day it's too cold for snakes.  One less thing to worry about.

I realized that with all the shearing and lamby excitement, we hadn't spent much time with the dogs here on the blog.  I had wanted to start working with them more after shearing, until this baby lamb thing popped up.  But the pups are doing great - eating and growing and learning to be guard dogs.  I hear their stern baby voices in the night along with the adult dogs, and I know they're catching on to the game.

Today the power company is working down at the end of my street again with their trucks and walkie-talkies and back-up beepers, so the pups are particularly vigilant.  Tella gives them what-for at regular intervals.  Doesn't she look exactly like young Lucy?  Sometimes I call her that by mistake.

Vanni has more of a hands-off philosophy of guarding.  Unless something specific concerns him, he sits quietly and keeps a watchful eye out.  Did I mention, he's huge?  His big brown eyes just melt your heart.

Next week, after the DFW Fiber Fest, we'll prioritize putting Vanni's pen together in the alpaca pasture, and work on moving him and Ruthie to their new quarters.  DFW is going to be great fun - I hope you can make it.  Classes, and vendors and a stitching lounge and a Ravelry meet-up with Candy Bar - oh my!

The Farm Girls will meet this Friday night at the barn.  If you'd like to come and see what all the fuss is about, there's plenty of room!  We meet at 7 PM in the Little Red Barn.  Watch that blog for all the details.

And believe me, as soon as this little lamb makes an appearance, you'll be the first to know...


  1. OMG Cindy, those pups are so beautiful! I see what you mean about Tells - she is SUCH a Lucy!!

  2. Just think, I'll be with y'all in a week. Perfect timing, huh? SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. She is such a Lucy and Vanni is such a Cini. Lucy is an indiscriminate barker; Cini is much more watchful. When I hear Cini's serious, deep bark, I know that there is actually something out there to bark at.

  4. Here's hoping she has that lamb in the morning! I'll see you soon.


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