The Other Side of the Lens

When our photographer pal Jennifer Jurek asked if she could break in her new camera on photos of the new lambs, I was more than happy to oblige.  She does such great animal shots, and these babies will only be tiny and scary-cute once.  Let's get it on film.

But it was even more fun getting Jennifer on film with the lambies.  She makes a pretty cute subject herself, don't you think?

Then it was time to get to work.  We put both Moses and Rachel down in the new green grass for the first time, one at a time, to reduce their poor momma's agitation.

I took these pictures - Jennifer's will be even better.  But wow, aren't they incredible against that green grass?  What gorgeous little creatures.  I can say that, because I didn't make them.  I just get to enjoy them.

This is Moses.  He was not as interested in sprinting back to Momma as little Rachel was.  She's little, but she can book.  Jennifer's husband, Marty, got the lamb round-up job.  Wish I'd gotten THAT on film.

Jenn and I took pictures until we started losing the wonderful afternoon light and then packed it up.

We both sneaked in one more shot, the sunset, as we walked back to their car.

Is this an awesome life, or what?

Our goal this week will be to try to integrate the babies into the flock, though their meeting with Itzhak ended with Moses getting knocked down a couple of times.  Will research the best way to fold them into the fold with the least risk of injury, and trauma to the shepherd.


  1. Yikes, they are so beyond cute!

  2. MissMoosey on Ravelry6:01 PM

    I think that these are the most-loved lambs in all of history!

  3. They look so big -- compared to when they were 1 hour old. Loving all the photos. They look super duper to me.


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