Scientists and Spinners

If we do nothing else around here, we learn new things.  All the time.  Every day.  Today, our staff scientists Chris and Angela came over to finally fire up our microscope and try their hands (and eyes) at looking at fecal samples for parasites. 

Their time was short, and this microscope may not be the best, but they did a great job working out some preliminary protocols and systems.  Ultimately, and after lots of practice, we may be able to trust our own fecal exams when we decide whether to treat the alpacas and sheep for worms.  THANKS, my friends!

Then, I was pleased to welcome back my favorite 4-person spinning class, who had been sent home last time with some spindle spinning homework.  They came back with lots of really awesome yarn!

It was time to try plying.  Thelma battled a center-pull ball, and won.  Way to persevere!

Billy is our speed demon spinner, turning his two singles into a 2-ply ragg yarn lickety-split.  

Sarah Lynn and Lauren are more meticulous and thoughtful in their spinning, and created very, very sweet yarn that will knit up beautifully.

Didn't they do great?  Next time - THE WHEEL.

Now, in the meantime, we're still keeping an eagle eye on our little momma ewe, Mary Elizabeth.  She showed some pre-labor signs this morning - or at least I THOUGHT it looked like pre-labor - but now this afternoon, she's looking pretty normal.  I know the lamb(s) will come sooner or later, so I'm trying not to stare at her constantly like a watched pot.

You'll be the first to know when it's baby time...


  1. You know I will be there with my camera when there are babies ready to be photographed! :)

  2. I'm counting on that, Jenn!


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