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Miss Trina loves her preschoolers.  She takes great care of them, and wants them to learn all the wonderful things many of us learned as little kids, namely, where food comes from, and how to interact with a farm environment.  Somehow, that farm exposure is getting scarce for today's kids.

So she loaded up her students and several of their sweet moms, and headed to the farm.

The kids met some sheep, who were very curious about little fingers.  We met Phineas, who nibbled a little, but generally stayed polite.

Lots of squeals and saucer-eyes, but fortunately, no lost fingers.

The alpacas were a very big hit.  And they mostly behaved themselves.

The kids stayed safely behind the fence while the 'pacas jockeyed for their breakfasts.  There's always so much spitting and jostling at meal time.

In fact, everybody got a little peckish and it was time to sit down on a tarp for a snack.

Thank you, Miss Trina, for loving your kids enough to help them see the beautiful world around them, up close and personal.

Come back soon, kids, and we can learn more about wool and eggs and the animals of the farm.


  1. love love love your little fireman!!

  2. I, too, love the full on fireman outfit! Adorable!


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