So Many Blessings

Another gorgeous day in the pasture today - cool temperatures (cool enough to discourage legless reptiles), deep shadows, and bright sun.  I look around and thank God for a day as beautiful as this, especially when some areas of our country have taken hits from lethally severe weather.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have suffered so much loss in the past couple of days.

I'm spending the next week preparing for my annual pilgrimage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - making and assembling stuff to sell at the Jacob Sheep Conservancy booth.  I'll also get to meet up with a bunch of folks who want to learn to use a drop spindle, like last year.  Really praying for good weather for our completely spontaneous meet-ups on the grassy hill.

 Sorry Ruth, didn't mean to wake you..

T-Shirt News:  if you pre-ordered a JRF t-shirt, I should have them by the beginning of next week-yay!  When I have them in hand, I'll invoice you and you can pick it up (or I'll drop it in the mail).  I've ordered extras to take to Maryland, so when I get back, the shirts remaining will be up for sale.  I can always order more in any specific size or color, as well.

They'll also come in red, blue or green, if you prefer.

 Do I smell breakfast?

Critter News: I know I said before that our alpaca pasture was chock full, but I'm making an exception, just once.  Last week, our friends Peggy and John Ralston had a dog get into their pasture and attack one of their two alpacas, Osceola.  Hondo was not injured.  But Oscie did not survive his wounds, despite great vet treatment.  That leaves Hondo alone, which is not a good situation for a herd animal.  The Ralstons considered getting another alpaca, and a guard dog, but weighing all the factors, they finally decided to re-home Hondo with us.  Here, he can have lots of good companionship, and soon, the protection of our dogs.  Hondo is a beautiful boy with an outstanding fleece, and we're blessed to have him.  I'll let you know when he comes, so you can see for yourself.

 Stay awake, or nap?  Maybe a little of both.

If you need me, I'll be in my office...

I'm off to the feed store now.  The pasture is greening up very nicely, but the critters still appreciate a little Bermuda hay to nibble.

Have a glorious day.  Hug somebody you love.


  1. This is me hugging you! :o)

    Thanks for the pretty, pretty pix. They made me smile!


  2. God speed on your journey to MSWF; I cant' go this year but will be there in spirit.

  3. What sweet Blessings! Thanks, Cindy for the good medicine.

  4. Glad you will be able to give Hondo and new home. I love all the pictures!


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