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Finally got the pups to the vet for their second round of shots.  Their medical regimen took a temporary back seat to all the shearing and lambing going on around here, but finally they're caught up with all the poking and prodding they were needing.

Clearly, we need more leash practice for the babes--what a rodeo.  Turns out, Vanni now tips the scales at 65+ pounds, and Tella is about 46 pounds.  And yes, they're just a little over four months old.

Tella's as busy and wiggly as ever, giving Dr. Wallis a moving target for her injections.  She also had the most challenge with the car ride.  Lost her breakfast both coming and going.  Note to self: no breakfast before trips in the car.

Vanni, the chunk, just lies down and makes himself at home, even at the vet's.  He's shedding his baby teeth, and will be ready for the Big Snip before too long. 

They are such good natured pups, that even in their adolescent goofiness, it's hard to get frustrated with them.

The pasture got back to normal once the pups were returned to their pen.  Even the big dogs were a little agitated that they had been gone. 

We're very close to setting up new (separate) quarters for Vanni and Tella.  They're overdue to begin working with the big dogs, and with their livestock charges.  We've had to do some juggling, with the complication of baby sheep in the pasture, but I think I have a plan for at least the short term.  Never, ever a dull moment around here.

The lambs continue to grow and thrive, even with all the severe weather we've had blowing through here.  Their mama and their Nana-Ruthie keep such a careful eye on them.

One blessing follows another around here lately, and we're very, very content...


  1. LOL! Vanni weighs more than my 6 yo!

  2. And somehow I completely omitted mention of dear Auntie Gail, who helped me wrangle the pups to the vet and did the beyond-the-call-of-duty cleanup in the backseat after Tella, um, urped each way. I cannot do this alone, people. Thank God for Gail today.

  3. Those puppies.....:) They are beginning to look like DOGS! You have had a busy Spring for sure...the shepherds life. :)


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