Suddenly It's Summer

Still coming down off of yesterday's euphoria... it's warm today, and we're all just taking a summertime pace.

There are few sounds as peaceful and satisfying to this shepherd as ten nekkid sheep chomping and munching on fresh hay in the shade.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  Eyes half closed, tails swishing absent-mindedly, and the buzz of an early fly...  The livin' is easy.

Ruthie's getting her day's sleep before she takes her guarding shift tonight.  The girl can snore.

The sheep's newly sheared bodies actually glow pink in the waning sunlight.  In a few days I won't worry about them getting a sunburn, but today, the rays are pretty bright and warm.

We're keeping an eye on our mama-to-be.  She's round and low to the ground.  Now that we know there's a baby coming, it's hard to wait!

To kill some time and to give the alpacas some relief from the heat, I pull out the hose and offer them their favorite summer cool-off treat:  a cold spray.

Thank you to new shareholder Cathy, who came by for a spinning lesson this morning.  She left making lovely yarn on both a drop spindle and on a wheel - we must hook her up with a support group back in her own home state.  You did so great, Cathy!! Keep up the good work!


  1. I had to pause the video for a second and had a very insistent little boy asking for it to be turned back on. LOL. He loved the photo of Ruthie too.

    Whoever the brown alpaca is, he's a water hog! :)


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