What a Weekend!

Rachel and Moses, our new Gulf Coast lambs, got all the press this weekend, but they weren't our only newcomers.  I also had the pleasure of welcoming Daisy Troop 2679 to the farm.  The girls got to learn about sheep, chickens, guard dogs, alpacas, and How to Spin!

They each made their own two-ply wool bracelets to wear home, and did a lovely job with their spinning.

The wind was blowing a gale, so we didn't spend much time outside.  I was afraid we'd have Daisy Scouts from here to St. Louis.

Of course, Girl Scouts are always the picture of courtesy, and they left me a beautiful hand-made card on their way out.  I had a blast with the girls, and I hope they come back when the weather is more suited for a farm tour.

Meanwhile, Mary Elizabeth was beginning her labor in the sheep shed, and we all know how that came out.

The babies are doing so well.  I'm trying not to be overprotective, and let them harden off like little tomato seedlings.  Today both doors to the shed are open to the sunshine and breeze.  Tomorrow, I hope to let them out on the grass for a little bounce-about and explore.  Also, an introduction to the dogs.

Mom is doing wonderful with them.  My spinning class went up to the shed for a little peek yesterday and she huddled them into a corner for protection.  Once she felt comfortable, she let them wander around the pen so we could get a better look.

I'd like to see them put on a little more weight, so I'm going to increase Mary Elizabeth's grain ration a little bit.  And wash off their crusty butts.  Lamb poo is a force of nature.


  1. The babies are adorable and love the name choices.
    And bragging just a bit, the Daisy attached to the fifth arm from the right is my youngest granddaughter Aby, also adorable if I do say so myself. Her mom was telling me what a fantastic time the girls had and how gracious and fun you were, Cindy--but that's no surprise to any of us!


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