Where Does the Time Go?

While we wait for Mary Elizabeth's baby, I've enjoyed scrolling back through my photo archive and remembering when she and her brother Itzhak were our little bottle babies.
Mary Elizabeth is actually our only registered Gulf Coast Native sheep because the boys are non-breeders (we thought), and therefore, not really worth registering.  Wasn't she the cutest?  Her ear tag was so huge that I cut the large end off and wrote her initials on the stub.  That's one way to pick her out of the flock if you get confused.

Bottle feeding is fun, but a chore.  M.E. was a good nurser, but her brother Itzhak never quite got much style down - he chewed through about 5 nipples a week.  As you've seen, he's no worse for the wear.

Click HERE to watch Mary Elizabeth put away her liquid breakfast.

Our friend Elizabeth helped me feed and care for M.E.  In fact, M.E. was just "Mary" when she came.  Then Elizabeth took up her cause and saw to it that she became part of our flock.  We changed the lamb's name to honor her benefactress.

M.E. and Itzhak had many adventures as babies - walking on harnesses, spending a stormy night in a crate in the Little Red Barn, getting fed by the Rockstar Knitters...  They've seen it all.

And now, a new generation is coming along.  Eventually.


  1. *singing* "Is this the little lamb I carried..."

  2. Yeah, starting to sound like a grandma-to-be. Sunrise, sunset...

  3. Nice. But I can't resist. "Mary had a little lamb..." Hopefully soon!

  4. See, that's why I kept asking you why you didn't have any babies... they are SO cute. I guess Someone showed you.

  5. As usual, Judith ;-)

  6. Loved seeing your coast lamb! I have four lambs born this year, I started a flock several years ago. I use to raise sheep for meat, and show in 4H. Now all my 100 plus are gone and I love my Gulf Coast Native Sheep! The fiber is wonderful to spin, knit and weave with. I have a new ram lamb born this week on my blog at the end of one my bluebird tea.


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