On the Auction Block...

I've gotten some inquiries about the wheels and tools and such that will be up for sale at our Big Barn Sale on June 4, so here's a preview:

This "Indian Head Spinner" came from an estate sale and does exactly what I got it for - spinning huge chunky yarn.  It has a very large orifice and a low spin ratio for slow art yarn spinning. One bobbin.

This Finnish wheel comes with the original paperwork, in English and in Finnish.  One small broken piece which does not affect operation.  Pretty turned wood.  3 bobbins, though the one on there now doesn't want to come off.  Needs a little TLC.  Spins fine.  Begging for paint or stain of your choice.

I got this cute wheel from my friend Kate in a trade, because that big single treadle looked like a fabulous place to paint a cool mural.  The brake band peg needs a little love, but other than that, it spins great.

Even comes with it's own carry strap.  Very cute and fun.  3 bobbins.

This is a "Cricket Loom," but not the Schacht Cricket.  Came from an estate sale with paperwork.  Stand, rag shuttles, and other bits and bobs included.

Nice, small Schacht warping board.  Comes apart for easy storage.

These items will be sold through individual silent auctions to give everyone a shot.  I'll even take remote bids by phone, if you're not able to be here on June 4.  More details about all that will come later, closer to the Day.

I've not even begun to go through yarn, magazines, books, and tools.  But I know it will be a haul.  I want all this stuff in to the hands of people who will use and enjoy them.

Gonna be fun...


  1. Do you know if Ashford still sells reeds to fit the non-new Cricket loom?

  2. Sigh. I wish I lived closer!

  3. Hi Chris - I misspoke - it's not Ashford, it's Schacht that makes a "cricket" loom now, and it's not the same size at all. We could research the reeds and see who makes a similar one.


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